Best Upcoming UX and UI Conferences

Whether you’re a beginner designer or an experienced and thought leader, you will always learn something new during a conference. Check out these upcoming design and UX / UI conferences for late 2022 and make sure you save some dates!

July 2022 Conferences

#mtpcon Digital Americas: 14-15th July 2022

Due to the continued global restrictions, the very successful Mind the Product Conference that used to take place IRL in San Francisco was moved online. In 2020, over 3000 product leaders from around the globe gathered online to discover brand new product insights from some of the most prominent companies in the industry and participated in thought-provoking discussions, all in the name of pushing this craft to its very best. This year will be no different – be part of the crowd!

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August 2022 Conferences

UX Australia: 23-26th August 2022

This is the 14th year of Australia’s premier online conference encompassing all areas of design and UX practice, including conference presentations, activities and workshops. All the speakers will be design professionals and leaders, operational specialists, service designers, content designers, researchers, product managers, UX strategists and practitioners, all with impressive experience and great work tips and stories to share.

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An Event Apart: 18-20th August 2022

Interested in expanding your expertise in web design? Then this Seattle conference for you! Meet great product designers, UX designers and developers and engage in topics such as the design process, front-end development and design and leadership. There is also the fall version of this conference from the 10-12th October 2022 in Denver, and the winter edition from the 12-14th December 2022.

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Product Design Week: 30th August – 2nd September 2022

UX and Product Design Week is a multidisciplinary conference based in London for all those with a role in product design who want to learn how to design better and more efficiently, build great teams and design systems and strategies that scale. Companies share experiences and past mistakes, so this presents itself as a great opportunity to learn from the best.

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September 2022 Conferences

User Research London: 8-9th September 2022

A great conference which focuses on UX research, methodology and leadership, User Research London is getting back in action after a two-year halt due to COVID-19. Streamed LIVE from ETC London County Hall, you can attend both in person or online to a day packed with workshops, followed by a full-day conference. A must for those in the field of User Experience!

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UX STRAT USA: 12-14th September 2022

This year’s edition of the UX STRAT Conference is going to impress you with speakers from Spotify, Zoom, Best Buy, DoorDash and other great names in the industry. Taking place at the Boulder Theater, it will be a hybrid event (both in-person and remote) and it offers multiple ticket options, such as conference plus workshops in-person, conference only, workshops only, live streaming, and video playback. A great event for product designers and product managers alike.

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Design Matters: 28-29th September 2022

Design Matters is a Copenhagen-based conference on digital design which is also available as an online conference. These guys also went to the trouble of writing a manifesto – worth a read! Share your passion for everything design, extend your network and discover great experiences from speakers working for some of the best names out there including GitHub, LEGO and Twitter.

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IxDD 2022: 28th September 2022

Adobe – in partnership with Interaction Design Association (IxDA) – host this amazing online event which happens in different parts around the globe: The World Interaction Design Day. The main aim of this conference is to emphasise the importance of great interaction design to make people’s lives better.

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October 2022 Conferences

Amuse: 5-8th October 2022

This is a 3-day international hybrid conference in Budapest dedicated to bringing together UX professionals, enthusiasts or basically anyone with an interest in delivering amazing user experiences, while using the best tools and practices to collect, evaluate and implement user data. The first day of this conference is full-on workshops – let’s start (net)working!

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UXDX EMEA: 6-8th October 2022

This conference focuses on how Product, UX, Design and Dev can work together with aim of building products that users love and need, and on how managers can empower (not overwork) teams while staying in line with business expectations. Primary topics include: product direction, management and growth and designing for scale. UXDX also hosts a similar event for the European region.

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